Its a Slovak brand that has been making guitars. Martin Klema can "breathe life" into his instruments. His craft is very well controlled.

He studied manual production of guitars in Cheb in the school of violin making in Luby. He feels guitars with hearing, sight and with touch,
so he keeps strict conditions for production, so it keeps these three elements in harmony.

Klema guitars are divided into two production lines ("White Line" and "Black Line").


These guitars are manufactured according to the specifications of Martin Klema, produced under his supervision in factory conditions,
which guarantees an excellent price-quality ratio.
They are ideal for students but also for professionals as a reliable and quality instruments for traveling and journeys.
White Line offers a wide range of levels and shapes of guitars, but all are equipped with solid top whether its a spruce or cedar.

Klema White Line guitars  are divided by shapes between:  -Dreadnought, -Small Jumbo
They are divided into series: 100, 200, 300.

Guitars Black Line are handmade guitars, which excels in top materials, build quality,
unrepeatable sound and beautiful overall appearance. Black Line guitars are sophisticated in every detail are designed for those
who can appreciate their beauty and personality. When you are buying a guitar from Black Line, you become the proud owner of an artwork, literally.

Klema Black Line guitars are divided by shapes between: -Dreadnought, -Grand Auditorium, -Grand Concert
They are divided into series: 1000, 2000, 2100, 3000, 3100.
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